Museums: Fostering a Culture of ‘Flourishing’

Douglas Worts: This forum presents a personal view from a museum professional of the museum field’s stake in the sustainability movement. The author takes the opportunity of a discussion within a national museum association about the possible implementation of environmental sustainability standards and argues instead for systematically engaging the entire museum field in re-thinking and restructuring the foundations of culture in our society. The author concludes that sustainability will require rebuilding the foundation blocks of our social and economic structures, both locally and globally, and that museums have the potential to play important roles in facilitating these processes. However, as is the case with all change, new skills will have to be acquired, values will have to be reassessed and priorities will have to be reset. These are the challenges of the 21st century.

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  1. Hassan Najjar says

    This was a fantastic article. Funding can sway interpretational direction in a museum, sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Directors do not want to admit this but it is true. In regards to climate change and global warming – there is still a sizable population in the US that do not believe in the threat of global warming. These same people fund museums. A museum may choose to exhibit something safe versus something that may cause a stink.

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