Curator: The Museum Journal invites museum professionals, researchers, and students to explore and debate the urgent issues shaping the museum field.

The Journal has been in continuous publication since its founding as a journal of the American Museum of Natural History in 1958. The Journal was owned by the California Academy of Sciences from 1999 to 2015. Today, Curator is one of the most widely circulated peer-review publications in museum studies, as part of the museum and heritage studies journals owned by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The editorial office is located in New York, NY at Knology.

The journal publishes quarterly in print and online reaching a current circulation of 13,500 subscribers. Through Wiley’s philanthropic initiatives, access is also extended low-cost or free to over 5,000 institutions in developing economies. Digital copies of articles can be found or purchased through the Wiley Online Library. The CuratorJournal.org site is the companion to the print journal, offering further opportunities for exploration and debate on museum issues with the Join the Discussion blog and Virtual Issues.

We invite all people interested in advancing the museum profession and practice to join the conversation.

Curator: The Museum Journal

ISSN: 2151-6952

Editorial Staff

John Fraser, Editor
Zahava D. Doering, Editor Emerita
Laura-Edythe S. Coleman, Associate Editor
Yongying Dong, Associate Editor
Vince Dziekan, Associate Editor
Kate Flinner, Associate Editor & Scholar Workshop Leader
Antoniette M. Guglielmo, Associate Editor
Theano Moussouri, Associate Editor
Emily Wilkes, Associate Editor
Kristine Morrissey, Scholar Workshop Program Director

Katie Simmons, Managing Editor
Jeremy Hargrove, Managing Editor
Laurie Stepp, Social Media Manager
Laura Tietjen, Editorial Office Manager (Knology)
Paul Dingman, Editorial Program Coordinator, Social Science Journals
Meredith Johnson, Editorial Assistant

Editorial Board

Adriana Mortara Almeda
Museu Histórico do Instituto Butantan

Afsin Altayli
Independent Scholar

Corazon S. Alvina
Museo Ng Kaalamang Katutubo

David Anderson
Director, Master of Museum Education
University of British Columbia

David Anderson
Director General
Amgueddfa Cymru, National Museum of Wales

Doris Ash
University of California Santa Cruz (retired)

Bonita Bennett
District Six Museum

Américo Castilla
Director and Founder
Fundación TyPA

Tom Freudenheim
Independent Scholar

Amareswar Galla
Executive Director
International Institute for the Inclusive Museum

Viv Golding
President of ICME
Communication & Education
School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

Joseph Gonzales
Independent Museum Consultant

Katherine C. Grier
University of Delaware

Josh Gutwill
Director of Visitor Research

George Hein
Professor Emeritus
Lesley University

Rebecca Herz
Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum

Kimio Honda
Zoo/Aquarium Consultant / Author

Cynthia Kros
Professor (Retired)
University of Witwatersrand

Kwame Amoah Labi
Founder, Institute for African Studies
University of Ghana

Adila Laïdi-Hanieh
Director General
The Palestinian Museum

Anna Leshchenko
Department of Museology, History of Art Faculty
Russian State University for the Humanities

Peter Linett
Slover Linett Audience Research Inc.

Jana Macalik
Associate Dean, Research, Outreach and Strategic Projects,
OCAD University

Emma Nardi
University Roma Tre

Kym Rice
Director of Museum Studies Program,
George Washington University

Carol Stapp
Associate Professor, Museum Education
George Washington University

Jonas Tinius
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Max Van Balgooy
Engaging Places

Shahid Vawda
University of Cape Town

Dan Wharton
Independent Zoo Consultant and Researcher

Chris Whitehead
Head of Media, Culture, Heritage
School of Arts & Culture, Newcastle University

J. Willard Whitson
Executive Director
KidSenses Interactive Children’s Museum