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Special & Focus Issues
Most print issues of Curator address a variety of topics that relate to the museum field. Curator occasionally publishes issues that highlight a central topic, called Special Issues or Focus Issues. Special Issues direct all parts of the issue to one topic, including a guest editorial, forum (opinion pieces), articles, digital, exhibitions, and books. Focus Issues feature  a guest editorial, a forum, and a few related articles that discuss a single topic, whereas other components of the issue reflect the usual variety of topics.

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Call for Papers for a Special Issue: Museum Leadership in the 21st Century

Curator: The Museum Journal is soliciting manuscripts for a themed issue.

Museums in the twenty-first century are global organizations called to embrace innovation, inclusion/diversity/equity/access, and collaboration. Museum leaders face evolving challenges impacting the field such as rapidly changing technologies, competing values and cultural narratives, shifting patterns in philanthropy, and expanding reach and relevancy to global audiences. The playing field invites diversity in all areas, yet at same time, it demands connectivity to work effectively across staff, boards, audiences, and institutions. The forces of stability and change that drive societies are also at play within our institutions and museum leaders strive to balance being dynamic and responsive to challenges while maintaining core missions and values.

This special themed issue welcomes perspectives from all levels of museum leadership, and from all functions including directors, curators, educators, designers, administrators, and independent professionals. Authors are invited to submit proposals in the form of case studies, research articles, theoretical or historical perspectives, or provocative think-pieces. Topics can explore (but are not limited to):

  • Institutional perspectives on how leadership advances the organization for greater reach, relevance, and engagement.
  • Leadership in local, national, and/or global museum contexts related to issues such as cultural diplomacy, cultural heritage, social justice, strategic challenges and trends, funding, and collaborations.
  • Explorations on museum paradigm shifts in the 21st century and their implications for museum leaders such as new technologies, visitor trends/research/engagement models, alternative museum definitions and spaces, funding, and exhibition or collection strategies;
  • Leadership as related to critical issues about inclusion, diversity, equity, and access for organizations, audiences, and the field.
  • Organizational development models, theory, or practices for assessing and building leadership skills, capacity, and sustainability.

Themed Issue Editor:
Antoniette M. Guglielmo, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University

Submission Guidelines:
Submission of research papers, forum articles, exhibition reviews, and book reviews are welcomed.

Deadline for abstracts is September 30, 2019. Accepted papers will be due by February 2020 for anticipated publication during the 2020 calendar year. Abstracts (1-2 pages) should be uploaded directly to the journal website at for consideration.