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Virtual Issues

Virtual Issues are a deep dive into the Curator archives about a single theme, synthesizing articles from the past for today’s urgent museum topics. Every article referenced by the Virtual Issues will be open access for all readers for a limited time.

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Historical Review

Virtual issues feature a short evidence-based synthesis or review of a series of papers drawn from the Curator archive, often set in context of a contemporary question or concern that has arisen in recent museum practice. These scholarly reviews are generally 1,000 – 1,500 words covering critical themes and change over time in how a topic has been explored through between seven to twelve articles in the Curator archive. These reviews can also include content not published by Curator if it is relevant to the understanding of an emerging theme. If accepted, the journal will also provide open access to the referenced papers for a period of six months from the first early online publication of the review paper or as agreed with the Editor-in-Chief and the publisher.